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Send us a copy of your book in PDF file. If you don’t have it, we can buy it online. Our professional reviewer will thoroughly read it and write a critique. In 2 to 5 business days, we will email you the completed review. Along with the book cover and purchase link, the review will be posted for lifetime exposure on our website and Facebook page. See some of the reviews we did, which are posted on Amazon’s Editorial Reviews:

Turning the Pages | Blood for Freedom | Lack of Moral Fibre | Imagine This | The Optical Lasso | Where Do I Belong?

For 30 days, we will advertise your book review on our partner website, Tips for Thought. As a bonus, your book review will be one of the official entries for our upcoming The Most Moving Book Award on Jan. 3, 2025, and get a chance to win a professional website with weekly blogging for a year. See our past awardees.

Taxes included, there’s a one-time service fee of $595. You can pay securely HERE through PayPal. For $297.50 installment, click HERE.

Email mikeramos@themovingwords.com and attach your published book in PDF file so we can give you a complimentary review for your personal copy. If you want the review to be posted and advertised with an entry, the fee applies.

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