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To Finish the Course: The Apostle Paul
and the Early Christians in the Roman World

by Ardyce Miller-Templeman

Author Ardyce Miller-Templeman pens a historical novel based on the events of Christ’s post-ascension. The author explores the growing tensions between believers in the Roman World. It also includes the political climate of the time in her book, “To Finish the Course: The Apostle Paul and the Early Christians in the Roman World.”

The story begins sometime after Jesus of Nazareth died, resurrected, and went to heaven. After His ascension, His twelve apostles continue to preach in his word, garnering a new generation of followers. While His Word guarantees His believers eternal life, their earthly existence will face many trials and tribulations along the way. This fact does not go unmentioned as Christ, who has suffered for our sakes, warned His followers before He left.

The author doesn’t spare the realism of what Christians have gone through during this period. As she pens the rising tensions between traditional and new believers, she also does a fantastic job setting the scene by ensuring it fits the timeline.

Readers can expect recognizable figures in this book like Peter the apostle, Tiberius Caesar, Caligula, and Saul. Aside from these characters, the author does fantastic pacing, making the story flow effortlessly as the narrative unfolds before your eyes. Considering the incredible tension between religious sects, readers should pay caution to the violence included in the novel.


While the book is set primarily in the past, much of the conflict between religions still remains today. While it may seem disheartening that not much has changed, the love and faith for Jesus Christ remain true for His many disciples. Despite your personal beliefs on the matter, the story still reflects the heart of the human conflict and how despite the suffering, we can achieve salvation by taking a leap of faith.


All in all, this book is an excellent read for Christians and non-Christians alike. You surely won’t be disappointed as the story goes with an even pacing and unforgettable characters blended with recognizable figures.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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