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True Story of Baroumbayes Journey from Africa to United States


Noubaissem Baroumbaye

Author Noubaissem Baroumbaye pens a fantastic tale of God’s divine grace and plans through his personal life. In “True Story of Baroumbayes Journey from Africa to United States,” the fifty-seven-year-old writer describes his life in Chad before he heads to the United States. Raised by loving parents, as a man, many of his lessons were from his father, who encouraged him to be hardworking in his studies.

Since then, Mr. Baroumbaye has made it a point to showcase his hard work. However, aside from the author’s dedication to studies, his unwavering faith in God proves to be just as admirable as his writing prowess. From describing his life in his home country to his relationship with God—the author shows that keeping your word with God is essential to becoming a humble disciple.

The book was inspiring, enlightening, and all-around incredible. Additionally, it was a treat to read about the author’s life. From learning about his culture to his thoughts and feelings, his story has many layers. Despite the book being a brief read, you can’t help but feel the incredible depth of his tale as he writes about his life. Each word is incredibly heartfelt, and you can’t stop once you start.

My favorite part of the book was how he met with his then-fiancée during his leave of absence. Whether it was fate or by God’s will, it was inspiring to see how much they have built their life together since then.

This book is no less than a shining example of what it means to write your life as honestly as possible and create a legacy. While hard work is necessary, having a purpose and serving God’s will should also matter. To read about his journey to the States, consider reading this book and adding it to your collection.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023