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Turning the Pages by Alla Kaluzhny, Most Moving Book 2nd place 2023 Winner

It’s unusual but extraordinary news that we have to announce our Most Moving Book 2023 Awardee, Beverly J. Armento, wouldn’t be accepting the $5,000 prize. Below are her actual words:

I am astounded and quite honored to be named the winner of the Most Moving Book. I thank The Moving Words for naming “Seeing Eye Girl: A Memoir of Madness, Resilience, and Hope” as the Most Moving Book Award 2023 Winner and appreciate your offer to award me $5,000 worth of professional marketing services. However, since these services are redundant to services I’ve received from other groups and with activities I’m currently undertaking myself, I have no need to accept the said services. We discussed your naming a second-place winner. That person would be offered the package of marketing services. The Moving Words group would announce this change on your website when the new recipient of the marketing package is announced. It is acceptable to me that you continue to identify “Seeing Eye Girl” as the first-place winner. However, it will be noted that no prize of monetary value will be awarded to me as per my wishes.

And so our board of judges has come up with their second choice to be awarded to Alla Kaluzhny with her book, “Turning the Pages: How Exploring My Past Lives Led Me on the Journey of Healing Memories, and What I Learned While Traveling Back in Time.”

This is what our judges have to say:

When it comes to Moving Words, we think of the process of making a change. Alla Kaluzhny illustrates this sentiment in her inspirational book, “Turning the Pages.”

Through exploring her past lives, she pens her experiences precisely, writing her observations and discovering the skills she must learn to resolve her issues. When reading the book, we can’t help but feel moved to do the same. Regardless of whether we are gifted, the author does a great job of opening our minds to the possibilities of realities beyond this realm. Her gentle way with words are moving and captivating, never forceful, which gives you the impression that no matter what your choice, she believes you will always have one. Nothing is more moving than being reminded of our power to choose. Reading this book helps readers remember that choice and always see their life experiences as a lesson for learning—from our past and current lives.

– Read The Moving Words Review HERE. Visit the author’s website.

From The Moving Words Management and Staff, with all our hearts, we warmly say, “Congratulations Miss Alla Kaluzhny and Hats off to you, Miss Beverly Armento!”


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