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Turning the Pages: How Exploring My Past Lives Led Me on the Journey of Healing Memories, and What I Learned While Traveling Back in Time


Alla Kaluzhny

It’s one thing to live an extraordinary life but another to live multiple lifetimes.


Author Alla Kaluzhny knew her life was not her only one. What started as an interest in past lives quickly became a calling as she set out to discover her past lifetimes. Through meditation and guidance, she was able to connect with her past selves and eventually pen it in an illuminating read.


In her book, “Turning the Pages,” she pens her experiences from her past lives. From existing as a courageous knight in battle to living as a humble Mayan girl—the author intricately links her past lives with her current one.


Aside from her experiences, she also writes down her observations. By utilizing her keen senses, the author was able to weave past events and figure out how it affects her present. Knowing how these chains of events occur enables her to discover some lessons she must learn and issues she must resolve. As she writes about her connection with her past selves, I feel that we, too, must understand how to do the same if our souls are to become better versions in the next lifetime.


The author also writes about lessons on self-forgiveness, patience, and kindness. When you live multiple lifetimes, it’s easy to assume that some lives may be more difficult than others. However, the author makes it a point never to assume the quality of life based on how it ended. It was truly humbling to read about her experience with her former life as a Mayan girl, which may be my favorite part of the book so far!


Nevertheless, “Turning the Pages” is a tour de force of self-exploration—not just in this life but all of them as we continue the cycle. If you have questions about past lives and how they can affect your pages, this book can answer them.

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