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Unfold Your Petals by Vange Cain

Every woman is entitled to her crown. Grace and power lie within her and are revealed the moment she decides to unfold her true potential. But when will they know they need to start making the decision? Women have been widely considered as frail and of poor skills. Although known as inferior to males, feminism made its significant rise over the years empowering the equal capabilities of ladies and gents. Evangeline Cain’s Unfold Your Petals speaks immense volume with this social movement. There are plenty of challenges awaiting every girl and this book serves as a great reminder of her being the goddess that she is.

Cain made sure that in every chapter, women get a grip of the mystical queen that they are. Words are not only carefully chosen to ignite a fire of hope, but also added with a touch of softness to balance the fiery and sweet stand of a lady. Cain’s personal experiences allow wisdom to flourish naturally making it easier to see the message from her point of view.

The genuine honesty and openness in expressing herself make the book an instrument of connection between readers and the author. This work of art is not just a book for reading, but a book of transformation. Cain made sure of that!

Women are more than just being housewives and mothers, women were made to be fearless! Unfold Your Petals is the perfect book for women’s empowerment. It speaks divinity for every woman. The metaphor in its title gives off a fierce and bold invitation to bloom. This is a lovely book to give to a sister, mother, aunt, wife, girlfriend, or fellow woman. She should know you think she deserves to stand taller and unleash the goddess in her.

Add this book to your and other females’ shelves!

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry, The Most Moving Book Award: Jan. 2, 2023


About the Author

Vange is a businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is known for her life coaching skills, published books and modelling. Vange confessed as she wrote this book she had to tap into the buried potential that was never discovered. Finding herself, determining her message was supposed to be silenced because being stomped on throughout life her light was supposed to go dim, but she kept burning bright and it lead her to scream out to the heavens, bring the goddess to me. Feeling enlightened, she didn’t want to keep this transformation to herself, so she wrote Unfold Your Petals and shared that knowledge with the world. As she tapped into the goddess love, silence was no longer a barrier that held her back. This inspirational book will allow you to travel and land on the 30 days of devotion. Vange says she spent most of her life in the role pertaining to being a teacher, mother, leader. Giving, but feeling guilt when it was time to receive, but this book helps us all to see that we are very worthy of the most amazing things.