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Up-and-Coming Author Pens the Dark Side of Passion

A Man's Passion

Up-and-coming author Jerry P. Schellhammer pens a brief yet powerful narrative on passion. His book, “A Man’s Passion,” starts with Dorothy “Dot” Black picking up her great-grandmother, Hattie Black, for a trip to Montgomery, Alabama.

Throughout their journey, the two witness the modern struggles that many African-Americans face today. From casual racism to horrible police treatment, the book doesn’t shy away from the reality of what many African-Americans face.

Hattie, a white woman about to reach a hundred years of age, recalls her past and how African Americans faced during her time. She also shares with Dot how she fell for her great-grandfather. The two eventually came together despite their first meeting being less than ideal. They formed an understanding which ultimately turned into a beautiful relationship.

While she may no longer be as agile as she once was, Hattie’s sharp wit and integrity stand out throughout this book. Her relationship with Dot also deserves note, as the two also came to their own understanding. Readers will find it satisfying to read how intergenerational familial bonds can be beautiful and enlightening.

Cathy Fisk, an Amazon customer, writes, “I truly enjoyed this book! Gave me a good perspective of inner racial relationships in the early days & in the south, a bit of history & the future.” [sic]

Here’s a review excerpt from The Moving Words: An illuminating read. The author does a great job of showcasing multiple themes – a skill that only the best writers can pull off. Highly recommended for those looking for books that stand the test of time.

Readers should also note that passion is one of the book’s essential themes. Passion, as the book describes, is not necessarily good. Passion is an intense emotion that can turn dark when the focus involves harm and violence. Hattie touches on this passion when she speaks about her father, whose heart and mind are dead set on bigotry. Nevertheless, passion can be beautiful if you choose to do good with it.

Additionally, it would be helpful to know that this book is not the author’s first. The author, a graduate with a B.A. in English from Washington State University, also wrote other works. Schellhammer wrote a memoir called, “This Life: My Life After My Stroke.” He also contributed to an anthology series from Spokane Ghost Writers with “It Gets Darker as You Go.” He recently self-published a novella titled, “Edge of Darkness: Four Seasons, Book One.” The latter are six novellas comprising short stories with a running plot. Fans of the novella will be happy to know that the concluding novel will be out next year.

A Man’s Passion” is available on Amazon in Kindle, Hardcover, and Paperback format.


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