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USA Greatest Invention: Modern Direct Democracy by Albert Kluss

My career and expertise in political scientist’s work have led me to examine our current US political system, which is a duopoly, as a republican democracy, meaning we elect one of two major political parties (Democrats or Republicans) as representatives, who vote on US government laws, policies, oversight, budget, war, entitlements, etc. Again, my job is to examine our entire US political system. Note, all the problems within our current US political system, replace each problem with an alternative solution for all root-cause problems within our republic, a democracy, and our representatives. So I invented a new, modern independent US political system, Direct Democracy, which I named the PPP system, which means People’s Political Party system, where US citizen voters have new citizenship duties, including the transformation of modern education and Direct Democracy, where each US citizen voter replaces US government Congress work, which will now be done by US voters, who are paid a yearly salary of $44,444. Each US citizen voter receives Direct Democracy transformation phone app (2024); plus, US voters receive 1 percent Congress plans of health care. Now, each US voter in Direct Democracy is transformed into the 1 percent in 2024 and controls Direct Democracy committee assignments that were controlled by Congress, now controlled by US voters, firing Congress in 2024 forever—all by Direct Democracy (DD)!

Each US Voter will receive a check on April 30th 2025 at tax time by Direct Democracy Enterprize Pays each voter thru Modern Social Security Checks & Is yearly Salary For Each US Citizen by, “Infused Capitalism”, means US Government & Necessary Businesses are created that profit each US Citizen. For example: US Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Creates low cost medicine & all profits thru infused capitalism provides US New Self sustained Modern Direct Democracy New US Independent Political System I invented; so each US Citizen Prospers & Inherits their American Dreams starts 2024.

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