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USA Greatest Invention Modern Direct Democracy


Albert Kluss

USA GREATEST INVENTION MODERN DIRECT DEMOCRACY presents a compelling argument for a new approach to governance in the United States. The book, written by a seasoned political scientist, critically examines the current duopoly of the Democrat and Republican parties and proposes an alternative solution to the root causes of problems within the existing system.

Albert Kluss introduces the concept of Direct Democracy, which they have named the PPP system, or People’s Political Party system. This innovative approach empowers US citizen voters by transforming their roles into that of Congress, thereby eliminating the need for traditional representatives. Through a modernized app, each voter is equipped with the tools and responsibilities to be empowered and, hopefully, end political corruption in 2024. Voters replacing Congress can vote on the phone app to #1 Indict, #2 Prosecute & Convict anyone participating in any corruption. Voters now have the power to hold all people responsible for corruption. And if anyone has trouble using the phone app, they can go to their local library to get help with using the phone app.

Instead of relying on representatives, voters use this phone app to participate directly in decision-making. Dedicating a few hours a day to this civic duty, voters can receive a monthly direct deposit of $4,000, healthcare coverage, and a pension plan—a total of $44,000 yearly salary for each voter. The party aims to address the failures of the current Republican and Democrat parties, including the national debt, gridlock, and political corruption. They criticize instances where intelligence agencies were allegedly politicizing and weaponizing intelligence by social media giant Twitter—which was controlled by the FBI before Elon Musk bought Twitter. Democrat intel was leaking to the news media, covering up Democrat President Joe Biden, paying to play corrupt foreign deals with China, Romania, Russian Mayor, and Ukraine, giving President Joe Biden and family over $16 million cleverly hidden in 20 fake Biden Family S-Corps and LLC’s money laundering scheme. IRS and FBI whistleblowers revealed the evidence. Democrats Hilary Clinton made up a fake Russian collusion story claiming falsely that President Trump was a Russian Agent. Intel lied to the FISA Court to get a warrant to spy on Trump and his Cabinet during the 2016 Presidential Election and went after President Trump and his Cabinet for four years. It’s still going after former President Trump’s term, where 51 Intel agents lied about the Russian collusion.

Direct Democracy plans to end fake news by 2024. This system trains voters to vote on current crisis issues and align their decisions with Congress. Congress will be replaced by voters, who will decide on all policy challenges as Border Policy—Joe Biden’s administration hired VP Kamala Harris to be Border Czar. Still, Harris never went to the border, and 85,000 immigrant children were lost at the USA-Mexico border. China Caused Covid-19 through biological warfare, and US President Joe Biden did nothing and never spoke to China’s dictator about Covid-19.

Under Direct Democracy, voters would replace Congress and determine policies through the app, ensuring majority rule. The party also emphasizes economic and career development opportunities for voters and promotes energy independence. They believe that Direct Democracy will empower US voters and allow them to live out the American dream.

As you read along, you can explore more ideas and goals underlying the concept of Direct Democracy. Albert Kluss’ expertise and thorough examination of the US political system are evident, and they make a convincing case for why Direct Democracy could be a transformative force. It’s an innovative book that challenges the status quo. Presenting an alternative vision for governance in America invites readers to reconsider the limitations of the current political landscape and discover new avenues for citizen empowerment and decision-making.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024

(Author’s notes: I, Albert Kluss, Political Scientist, 2024 Independent Party Presidential Candidate, albertkluss@gmail.com needs help w/ 2024 Presidential Campaign Managers Team to help Independent party win 2024 Presidential Election, where I, Al Kluss, Founding Father of Usa New Political System called Modern Direct Democracy, where Voters are United & Paid $44K to replace Congress & do what Congress does by phone app.)