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Where the Devil Lives

by Aletta Henry

From the author of detective novels Aletta Henry, a new twisted, funny, witty tale comes to life. Where the Devil Lives is her latest work, one that follows suit with the charismatic gang of characters from G.B. Crane and Associates’ investigative agency. Fifth time is the charm – and in this fifth case involving the quirky team, “charmed” is the keyword!

Master criminologist, Gilbert Bishop Crane’s world goes upside down when his not-so-lovely (at all!) mother, Mavis Crane, falls prey to the charms of a pseudo-Indian guru. Much like an enchanted viper that dances to a flutist’s tune, the woman is lured to give copious amounts of cash to the man for his shenanigans. Swami Naresh promises that his pupils will “live on a higher plane, know the Unknowable and be at peace,” but his money-filled pockets seem to be the only peace at play.

What seems to be an open-and-shut case promptly becomes more extensive than expected, as the undercover investigation by intrepid Grace Forest, the second-in-command at the agency, takes on unexpected levels.

Aletta Henry’s dynamic writing is again present in this newest addition to her literary universe, which includes her four other books: The Unluckiest Man, Strike!, Snail’s Pace, and A Total Eclipse. If you already know the characters, that’s certainly nice – but Where the Devil Lives is a great starter to get introduced in the series. When reading through it, the reader will feel the same thrills and enjoy a very similar experience to that of Agatha Christie’s books, with a remarkably fresh shine of modernity by Henry’s take on the genre. If you are looking for a good detective novel, Where the Devil Lives by Aletta Henry is bound to charm you – and in a great way!

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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