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You'll Do Anything for Her:
A New Relationship Perspective

by Maureen E Hosier

Relationships have always been the topic of much discussion throughout the centuries. In the present century, however, that topic has gained a lot of attention and care due to the open-mindedness of the most recent generations about finding your true self, understanding who you are, and who you will be for those you love.

Written by sisters Maureen E. Hosier and Berta Hosier Conger, both researchers of psychology,  You’ll Do Anything for Her: A New Relationship Perspective is a guide for relationships that start with the honeymoon infatuation and fall prey to everyday life, the passage of time, and changes that happen to all of us. It shows a different angle on the same subjects as the authors’  other book, You’ll Do Anything for Him, that complements the concepts found there.

There are undoubtedly many books about relationship troubles, but Hosiers’ work offers a  different experience. Through masterful usage of a particular formatting style, the authors make the reader feel like they are being heard, perceived, and understood.

With every simple, short sentence, you’ll feel a deep impact that will invite you to reflect on what you’re going through. This book has few pages, but it packs way more content in its pages than 400-page “save your marriage” miracle guides. There are no miracles or fail-proof promises in You’ll Do Anything  for Her – the reader gets embraced by the psychology of self-discovery and takes on a journey to find oneself to notice what they want to live in their relationship. The knowledge the reader can get from it will be helpful not only to romantic relationships but pretty much any relationship – the authors even say the experience of authoring the book together was an excellent exercise for what they propose in their words.

To sum it up, when the reader gets in it with You’ll Do Anything for Her: A New Relationship  Perspective, they’ll learn how to make the fabled OnePerson relationship grander and richer, a  genuine TwoPerson connection that respects each other’s existence.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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