Author Spotlight

Zehline Ann Davis

For four decades, Zehline A. Davis has been a beacon of educational excellence. Her unwavering commitment has transformed countless lives, steering students towards success across the United States and Europe. Ms. Davis’s life has been a blend of personal and professional triumphs. As a devoted educator, political activist, volunteer, and mother of two, her journey is marked by her relentless efforts to make a meaningful impact. Her story is not just of teaching, but of inspiring change and nurturing futures. Her children, Karen Rene’ and Homer Jr., and many she has touched, stand as testament to her life’s extraordinary influence.



In the evocative memoir “Daddy Said,” Zehline Ann Davis chronicles a journey steeped in the enduring wisdom of a father whose teachings resonated through the turbulence of the civil rights era. Set against the backdrop of Charleston, West Virginia, this heartfelt narrative unfolds through Davis’s childhood reflections, where family unity and resilience emerge as guiding principles. From tales of survival and sacrifice to the celebration of communal bonds, Davis’s father imparts life lessons that transcend time and circumstance. His profound insights, from handling adversity to the importance of family, are beautifully interwoven with historical moments and personal triumphs. “Daddy Said” is not just a story of a daughter’s love and admiration; it is a tribute to the timeless wisdom that shapes our lives and fortifies our futures.

The Moving Words Review:

Daddy Said by Zehline Ann Davis serves as a stirring reminder of a father’s timeless perception, shaping the lives of his children and echoing through generations. One of the lessons this book teaches us is that despite life’s adversities and uncertainties, the spirit of resilience instilled by a strong father figure can carry us forward. Davis beautifully communicates this message, revealing that our origins, no matter how humble, should not define our capabilities or limit our aspirations.

This book is a memoir that beautifully captures the essence of a father’s knowledge as seen through the eyes of a daughter. It takes us on a journey through Davis’ early life in Charleston, West Virginia, where she learns hard-earned life lessons from her father, emphasizing family unity, determination, and overcoming adversity. “Life is what you make it. You can make your bed hard or you can make your bed soft, either way, you have to lie down in it. You have the choice.”

Davis crafts an authentic portrait of her father, a man of humble origins, a strict disciplinarian yet caring and deeply understanding. Through a series of reminiscences, readers are privy to the pearls of wisdom her father imparted to his children, often underscored with a warm sense of humor.

The book’s backdrop is the civil rights era in the American South, which provides context to the life lessons shared. Her father’s views on significant events, such as the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., allow readers to understand how everyday people experienced these historical events—blending familial anecdotes with significant events and vividly depicting the era. Her prose is clear and succinct, making topics and historical events digestible to any reader.

What stands out the most in the book is the author’s deep affection for her father. Her genuine love and respect for him can be felt on every page, creating a heartfelt tribute to a man whose wisdom still resonates with his family and readers alike.

Zehline Ann Davis’ Daddy Said offers a valuable historical and personal perspective, underscoring the importance of family, resilience, and courage in adversity. This book is easy-to-read and ripe with life lessons and historical insight.