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Review – Behaving Wisely: One Man’s Journey From Betrayal to Blessing


Brian Edward Johnson

Through the lens of his own experiences, Johnson inspires readers with his deeply personal memoir, Behaving Wisely: One Man’s Journey From Betrayal to Blessing. The story is about Brian, a father of three, who lives life after a painful divorce and ultimately finds a new beginning in love and marriage. It begins with Johnson’s struggle to come to terms with his divorce and the subsequent impact it has on his life and his children. He candidly shares the emotional turmoil and the sense of loss he undergoes, making the reader empathize with his plight.

A striking aspect of this book is Johnson’s transparency in sharing his flaws and the mistakes he made in his relationships. His words are genuine, openly sharing not only his successes but his failures as well—for instance, he acknowledged “I knew I didn’t behave myself wisely” after his divorce. This kind of vulnerability makes it relatable to those who may have faced similar challenges.

The book stands out in its genre due to its genuine portrayal of personal growth, the intertwining of faith and life, and the beautiful unfolding of a second chance at love. Additionally, it is infused with spiritual wisdom and biblical references that emphasize the importance of forgiveness and trusting God—such as drawing from Isaiah 55:8–9 to understand God’s plan. Johnson’s faith journey encourages readers to face their own trials.

Despite the challenges he faces, Johnson maintains a positive tone throughout the book. For example, his lessons on forgiveness. Letting go of bitterness and embracing compassion is crucial for personal healing and growth. He also illustrates how patience and faith can lead to unexpected blessings and new beginnings. When he makes decisions, Johnson seeks God’s guidance and makes choices that align with his values and beliefs. A strong spiritual foundation can truly provide comfort, direction, and purpose.

The turning point in the story comes when Johnson meets Jenn, a woman who seems to be the answer to his prayers. The author beautifully captures the serendipitous nature of their meeting and the gradual development of their relationship. It’s a divine orchestration. The fact that they had crossed paths before without connecting until the “right” time is a fascinating detail that suggests a larger plan at work. The reader witnesses the blossoming of a love built on mutual respect, shared values, and a deep connection that transcends their individual pasts.

Ultimately, Behaving Wisely is a story of hope. It reassures readers that no matter the past hurts or current struggles, it is possible to find joy, love, and fulfillment with faith and perseverance.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2025